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FAQ, The Main One:

What makes us different?

1 Code
Your code helps you to represent your home. It is a distinct combination of letters and numbers that points to a specific place. The code is unique. Every city has its own code. Let's take C2L1E6. Clevelanders have seen the CLE, and identify with it. Clevelanders have seen the 216, and identify with it.  Our brains like to recognize patterns. When a Clevelander sees the combination of letters and numbers, they recognize its components. They’ve likely branded themselves with each before, separately. The combined code leaves no question about who the product is for: individuals representing a greater community.

C2L1E6 = Cleveland individuals representing the greater Cleveland community.

2 Family
We are a family business. Joe and Maria came up with the concept of the code, and 
Mary develops all of the designs. Each one is thoughtfully and professionally made. 
Each one is meant as an homage to a particular place, feeling, or piece of your hometown. 

3 Every Home
We are well aware that hometown apparel is not a new thing. But we feel that, while many businesses keep community flowing within their city, they don’t cultivate it elsewhere. We are looking to represent YOUR hometown. Your history. Ours is Cleveland, and it was the impetus for us to begin - we love it. But if you were born in Kansas City and moved here, or in Cleveland and moved to Anchorage, or have considered Akron, OH your home since birth - we want to represent you! Please share your stories and interests with us and we continue to research cities for future projects + products. We are interested in culture, communities, and the history that precedes them. We are lifelong learners and makers. 

4 Our Designs & Growing Aesthetic
Our spin on hometown apparel isn’t just another version of what you’ve seen before. We are detail-oriented and are striving for the cleanest look possible. Like we’ve streamlined city names and turned them into codes, we’re streamlining color palettes, shapes, and line work. We’ve been developing this for some time and we are looking to improve every day. We want to create wearable apparel, usable products, and overall, attractive pieces. And we value your feedback so much!
5 Our Subject Matter
Where you come from doesn’t just mean one thing to everyone. It doesn’t just mean one thing to each person polled. We are approaching this from the basis of history, both personal and urban. We are considering our own histories - our family, our pasts in Cleveland, our futures. How has living on Erie shaped us? Why, exactly, did we arrive here? Did we have a choice? We are considering the history of the city as a whole. What events have taken place that affect us all every day, that we may not even think about, in terms of our existence here? 

Stay tuned as we continue to develop and begin truly discussing the importance of yesterday’s happenings in today’s hometown pride. The reason we care so much about our Land - and the reason you care so much about your hometown - is actually made up of a bunch of little reasons from along the way. #RepHome.

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