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Updated: Nov 13, 2019

I'm not going to make this extremely long, because hey, our debut in the News-Herald is full of great explanation and description on its own. (!!!) But our plan at CityMerge was always to have direct connection to any audience, fans, or friends, and a blog right on our site is a great way to do that. Social media is useful, but this is another level of interface.

(Speaking of ...

@CityMerge on Insta

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CityMerge Apparel on FB).

Where we're at is, we've had some great opportunities, and we're ready for more. We've released our first series of Cleveland designs and developed City Stamps for several other cities. We've just dropped our newest, "The Blimp" - homage to the 330. We've got so much on the way. We've had our first print feature & online publication. We're filling your orders and thinking about what's next.

"The Blimp"

I want to also point out that you can create your own account on this website, and that'll keep you right up to date. You'll be notified of changes, you'll quickly know if we release a blog post, and we'll be able to quickly see what you have to say about such. So I definitely suggest that. If you do have an account, comment below which of the current designs right now is your favorite! Let's chat.

It is important to own your origins. Be proud of where you come from, whatever that may mean. Community is important, community is positive, and positivity is powerful. Come along for the ride, guys.

OH YEAH, AND ... we've got a new coupon code! COVERSTORY216 for FREE SHIPPING on all orders! Limited time!


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