Joseph Thomas is the third of four boys and his father's namesake. Gram, his mom, recently said he's the most handsome, but she can't be trusted.

Joe and Joe share some qualities: a love for Cleveland, a love for Lake Erie, and a strong belief in you finishing your dinner if you were really that hungry.

Joe went to school and got his degree as an undergrad at the University of Dayton, where he studied history. From there, he did a short stint student teaching at CSU, grabbed a girlfriend (Maria), and eventually, started his own family. As a father, he continued on with his education, earning his MLS from Kent State with little ones at home AND while working constantly - an admirable feat.

He currently runs the family business, Evergreen Midwest. He also eats ice cream, claims he doesn't, and works at his dock. He will teach you things half a dozen guys in the world know. His taste in music isn't half bad.