Creative Director

Mary is a fine artist and college graduate who literally never, ever would have planned or expected to be in business with her parents (ha).​

She studied fine art with the goal of becoming a working artist. This is her career, passion, and impetus to succeed. She's worked various jobs since graduation and also begun to dabble in graphic and digital design on the side. But in terms of that career, Mary is currently preparing for her first solo exhibition in Tremont. 

Mary became the Creative Director of CityMerge when her dad asked her if she could create an image of the Cleveland skyline. She kind of blew it off, but eventually got around to it. From there, she's not really sure what happened, other than it's continued. She doesn't know.

Mary is interested in visual art of all kinds and visual language through formats like design, history, selfhood, music, vintage clothing, vernacular photography, editorial makeup, and the like. She likes to read, listen to podcasts and documentaries while she paints, and do research for research's sake.